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Elsewhere people are leaving guilds, or finding that their guilds are getting healer-short.
We’ve lost a tank and a healer (one to a break, one to another server),
and in a small guild, that’s making it harder for us to get Kara and
Z’A runs together. And, to be honest, I’m about a dozen group quests
away from being essentially done with Burning Crusade content. Maybe a
little while spent doing Netherwing dailies, and the odd instance run,
but otherwise – done. And, frankly, unless you’re a really high-end
raiding guild, working your way through the Sunwell Plateau bosses, the
last big content patch of 2.4 has felt somewhat flat.

So, we’re already trickling into the Wrath of the Lich King lull. We know there’s a year of more of good content coming, but we don’t know when. And that leaves us an indeterminate amount of time to fill until it arrives. Many of those people retiring are probably just stepping down until the expansion lures them back into a levelling frenzy.

So, what now?

Well, not PvP. I made the mistake of getting heavily into PvP before Burning Crusade was launched, sucked in by the old school ladder system (Knight Captain, thank you very much), and I really regret all the time I invested in it now. And I probably won’t take a break, because I do value the downtime from work and other stresses WoW gives me. So, the chances are I’ll start on a gasp alt.

Which gives me a dilemma. Do I write about my alt-tastic experiences here, on Or do I push them over onto another blog? Decisions, decisions…

*although, rather ironically, post 100 has fallen during a post drought due to insane work demands

  • My Google Reader is already full enough, thank you! Just write about your alts right here!

  • Barona

    I would enjoy reading about your various “alts.” right here. In face, reading how healers take to various types of alt (i.e. melee, ranged dps, or tank) is good reading for this Dyed in the Wool Healer.

    Pretty much every other blog I read has alts on it. I believe making another blog would be just more work for you!

  • Bruce Baugh

    Another vote for alt talk here, please.

  • Glad to here I’m not the only one feeling this way and having the same issues with their guild. I am going to level an alt and use my Resto when needed for runs that do get put together.

  • Lies. You’re PvPing! 😀

    Write about your alts here. Sir.

  • Gah! Busted by Bell! 🙂

  • /agree with Pummra… keep your wow talk all in this blog mistah!

    One WoW blog is enough don’t ya think? 😉

  • Congratultions on the 100th post, Such a shame that your running out of things to do on leafy, it is inevitable of course, as far as alts go I’d prefer to read about them right here too, since I “swing by and visit this blog from time to time” um…pretty much daily trying to pick up that next little nugget of knowledge it’ll save me a mouse click, my current mouse only has another 9 million clicks left yah know, save the world some huh?!

    Thanks for a great blog so far long may it continue.

  • Eh, this is why I have so many alts. I get them to a stage where there’s not much to do by myself other than dailys over and over and over and then I think “Hmm… Let’s try a [class].”

    Then I go on a levelling kick and my friends don’t see my on my 70s for 3 weeks.

  • Grats on 100, Leafy!

    Gonna read whatevers ya say about yer alts wherever ya say it, so do what feels right to you.

  • wOOt! 100! I’m turning greener. You go girl!

  • Stupid Mage

    Just post your alt stuff here. Easier to find that way.