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CycloneAmanda from WoWInsider seems to be working hard on being Druids’ least favourite blogger, after her efforts in ignoring the Lifebloom nerf in favour of laughing at the warlock nerf on the podcast. Her latest post takes the slightly mouldy mana biscuit:

I’m pleasantly surprised at the minimal amount of crying that Druids are doing over the reduction of Cyclone’s range to twenty yards. Sure there have been complaints, but as a whole, the Druid community seems to have been pretty mature about the nerf.

Oh, right, so the campaign against the Lifebloom nerf was immature was it? It wasn’t a fact-and-numbers based campaign that proved our point and which, at this point, seems to have reversed the nerf? And even if that isn’t what she was implying, the sheer fact that the discussion was conducted in an adult, reasoned way should have suggested that druids are quite capable of being "pretty mature". Indeed, when the nerf was shifted from the "tick" to the "bloom", we all went "ah, good" and shut up.

I’m probably being over-irritable about this, and it’s possible here mindset was purely on Arenas when she wrote the post (just look at the tags), but really, if there’s one thing the debates about both the Warlock and Druid nerfs in the upcoming patch have taught us, it’s that you can’t apply changes to one area without very carefully thinking about the other. And, equally, perhaps WI bloggers should give just a little more thought about how their readers might be feeling before putting finger to keyboard…

  • Amanda recently posted on WoWInsider:

    I think she may have “maturity” confused with “acceptance.” It isn’t more mature to accept an unreasonable nerf, especially in light of a Blue poster admitting that he doesn’t heal well but that’s just a limitation of the class. Nonetheless, the tone of her post was pretty conciliatory, so I’m guessing it wasn’t her intention to seem condescending on the original podcast.

  • Blizzard is notorious for catering to the PvP whiners and as a result, screwing those of us who do more PvE. Nerfing Cyclone is a prime example. Where it may suck to get cycloned from a distance in PvP, it could be and often is a lifesaver in PvE.

    Why is it so devistating to have a 30 yard range anyway? With talents, Warlocks can fear someone from 36 yards away. With talents, Hunters can Concussion Shot, Aimed Shot and so much more from what, 35… 40… 45 yards?

    What I can’t understand is that Druids are the most UP (under-powered class) by design because they are meant to be Jack-of-all-trade types. That is accepted by people who play druids. But when we get nerfed, we don’t “cry” like other classes do. We simply are befuddled as to why they would nerf the very abilities that make our weak stature still sought after for Raids and Dungeons.

    Hey, Blizzard? How about taking a closer look at the Gods you created called Shaman?

    I must admit that I am a little surprised that the latest patch is not giving Hunters another power to their arcane shot or something similar. Or perhaps a revision that says, “A hunter’s arcane shot now has the chance to dispel a Paladin’s bubble.”