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Dontnerftrees_smallThe Good News

I’ve finally finished updating the Team Tree list with everyone who has added the badge. If, by any chance, I’ve missed you, let me know.

Thanks so much to you all.

The Bad News

We finally have a blue response on the Lifebloom nerf – and it’s about as bad as it gets.

It easy to see why people would view this change as a nerf, but the
truth is that the coefficient was already artificially inflated.

It is easy to see that Blizzard don’t realise that Druids are already viewed as the least viable of the four healing classes in the end game, and they’ve just nerfed us further. I’ll go into this in more detail tomorrow, but at this point I am seriously considering suspending my subscription to the game, as it’s the only way I can directly make my unhappiness known to Blizzard.

I want to go to Karazhan with my guild. I want to go to Zul’Aman iwth my guild. And I want to go as a viable contributor, not a charity case. And I just don’t believe that I’ll be a viable contributor any more after this nerf.

  • I know it’s not the point, but you will always be a viable and valuable contributor on guild runs. You are more than a walking HoT machine, and I, for one, would rather run with a nerfed Leafy than the majority of epicced out PuG healers that I have instanced with. The nerf is a big downer, and one that you shouldn’t have to suffer, but never for one second believe that your own personal skill can not compensate for any hare brained nerfs that Blizz care to throw.

  • Since our other healers learned how to take advantage of the meters, I now am usually at the bottom of the charts.. healing a tank with hots just doesn’t do it compared to all the aoe healing shamen and priests. and forget competing with t5 geared paladins…

    ugh now it’ll be even worse.

  • jrodman

    That post was from some community manager who didn’t have a clue. Seriously.

    Their role is to herd the flock that is the unruly forums, not to know anything about how the game works. Sometimes they are insightful, observant players, as well as forum herders. Sometimes they’re dumb. Eyonix told warlocks to “just stack intellect”. This fool suggested lifebloom was “artificially high”, whatever that could possibly mean. They’re paid by Blizzard, and day in and out they deal with forum jerks who will whinge about anything valid or not, so they get used to knee-jerk defending Blizzard decisions, whether or not they make any sense.

    All that happened here is this druid CM just showed he has no real experience in raid-healing and either needs to stop talking about it, brush up on his information, or be treated as the windbag he is.

    You’ll notice that the values he claimed were “artificially high” are now reinstated on the PTR.

    So, just a dumb lackey.

    What I find saddening about this is that this obviously incorrect commentary was the only communication between blizzard and pve healers about this potentially devastating proposed change. The only reason we received “official communication” at all is because someone screwed up.

    In essence, there was no effort made to communicate about this serious issue at all.

  • @Psia: Thanks. You guys are always awesome.

    @maerdred: Cheer up! Things are looking better now!

    @jrodman: You’re quite right. That latest version of the patch has made that particular CM look a right fool.