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So, chums in other parts of the world are busy installing the 2.4 update. Us poor Europeans won’t get it until tomorrow morning, so I shall watch everybody else’s first 24 hours with interest.

My guildies are already busy arranging Magisters’ Terrace runs, but for nights I can’t do, alas, so it’ll be the Shattered Sun Offensive dailies for me at first.

What are you planning to do first in the new patch? Taunt me with your US/Oceanic realm plans… :)

  • Tox

    Alright, I’ll attempt to taunt. First off the bat I’m gonna try and convince some of me guildies to let me “borrow” some 4 primal nethers to make me some kickass gear, then just get as many dailies done as I possibly can before our Kara run for the night starts up. I can probably get to at least friendly with the shattered sun offensive in the first day (I’ve done the dailies in the PTR, I know what to do for them :P) so I figures it shouldn’t be too bad.

    Good Hunting,

  • Leafy

    Can you really get to friendly in a day? Wow. That sounds like fun…

    Do post about it if you succeed.

  • Lin [EG]

    Whoot. It’s here.

    Bre was right!

    Well. If it makes you feel better, it’ll be a week longer until I see it. So you’ll have to tell us all about it!

  • Siha

    You can get to about halfway through Neutral in the first day from the 6 or 7 Phase 1 dailies. After that, you’re reliant on either Magister’s Terrace runs, if you can get a group, or your server managing to get through Phase 1 super quick so the Phase 2 dailies open up on the first day.

  • Tox

    Ya…didn’t work as well as I had planned, a lot of the content I had seen in the PTR hasn’t been implemented yet, but otherwise it would have been possible. I definitely did it in the PTR without even touching the instance or raid, so I’m still confident that you can do it once those last 10 or so dailies are added.

    Good Hunting,