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Quiet around here, isn’t it?

Nothing but the distant rustling of the trees and a few abandoned anti-Lifebloom nerf banners to entertain you. The problem is that I’m away on family business and without Internet access most if the time. In fact, I’m busy tapping out this entry on my iPhone using the handy-dandy Typepad iPhone interface, and will post it using the standard mobile phone network.

I do have a couple of posts ready to go on my MacBook, but a notable absence of WiFi means they won’t get posted until tomorrow lunchtime at the earliest. So, um, talk amongst yourselves for a little bit. I’ll be back soon…


Maybe it was the happy news from the PTR. Maybe its the fact that it’s the weekend. Hey, maybe it just the fact that druids have rhythm in their bones. Whatever the reason, there’s been a sudden outbreak of musicality amongst my fellow druids.

The Big Bear Butt Blogger (or B4, as we like to know him) kicked off with “Wreath of Fire“, from Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire

Bell came next with the lyrics to “Feralicious“, a Canarion-enhanced version of “Fergalicious“.

And then Too Many Annas (none of whom are actually a druid), joined in with “I Won’t Survive“, based on that classic “I’ve just been dumped so I’ve hit the bars and the booze and now I’m belting it out at the top of my lungs” number “I Will Survive“.

Party on!

Fantabulous news from the Patch Test Realm, as reported by Resto4Life.Picture 3.png

It looks like the Lifebloom nerf has been switched from the tick part of the cast to the bloom part. That’s… astounding. It’s exactly what we’ve been asking for. It delivers a PvP nerf, while leaving a negligible effect on the PvE healing technique.

But there’s more.

The current build has a buff to Regrowth. For those who aren’t familiar with druid healing, Regrowth is the only spamable large heal available to us in Tree of Life form. Healing Touch is not castable without shifting out, and Swftmend (which turns a HoT into a large heal) is on a timer. Generally, Regrowth has been regarded as horribly mana inefficient, and the 20% reduction to its mana cost seen on the PTR would make a huge difference to its viability in Deep Resto PvE healing.

A word of caution: this is all provisional, as we’re still in the testing phase. But should Blizz go ahead with this, I’ll be providing a “Thank You for Listening” badge to replace the “Don’t Nerf Trees” one. Fingers (and branches (and roots)) crossed…

Dontnerftrees_smallThe Good News

I’ve finally finished updating the Team Tree list with everyone who has added the badge. If, by any chance, I’ve missed you, let me know.

Thanks so much to you all.

The Bad News

We finally have a blue response on the Lifebloom nerf – and it’s about as bad as it gets.

It easy to see why people would view this change as a nerf, but the
truth is that the coefficient was already artificially inflated.

It is easy to see that Blizzard don’t realise that Druids are already viewed as the least viable of the four healing classes in the end game, and they’ve just nerfed us further. I’ll go into this in more detail tomorrow, but at this point I am seriously considering suspending my subscription to the game, as it’s the only way I can directly make my unhappiness known to Blizzard.

I want to go to Karazhan with my guild. I want to go to Zul’Aman iwth my guild. And I want to go as a viable contributor, not a charity case. And I just don’t believe that I’ll be a viable contributor any more after this nerf.

Dontnerftrees_smallLadies, gentlemen and Warlocks, Mr Big Bear Butt Blogger has taken the Lifebloom nerf awareness campaign to the pallowed hortals of WoWInsider.

He’s done a lovely little round-up of the discussion around the web about the possible reasons behind the nerf – could it be about trying to force Trees into using the bloom portion of the heal in PvE? – as well as the campaign to bring our unhappiness, and the thinking behind it, to Blizz’s notice.

Here’s hoping we finally get some form of feedback from the Blues as to this issue!

There is unrest in the arena,
There is trouble with 2s and 3s,
For the dps-ers want more kills
and the druids ignore their pleas.

The trouble with these oponents,
(And they’re quite convinced they’re right)
They say druids are over powered
And the can hot up all the night.
But the trees can’t help their feelings
If they like the way they’re made.
And they wonder why these killers
can’t be happy in their shade.

There is trouble in the forums,
And the posts have bled and bled,
As the others scream "Oppression!"
And the trees just shake their heads.

So the protestors formed a union
and demanded nerf on nerf.
"The trees are over powered;
We will make them hit the turf."
Now on public test realm 2.4,
Where they’ve thrown a lifebloom nerf,
And the raiders will heal less now,
And the pvp’ers more!

Anyone up to singing it, so we can put it to video?