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  • Dammerung

    I like it!

  • Dammerung

    I like it!

  • Mama Druid

    I liked your previous look, but this one is even better – nice job Leafy!

  • Kestrel

    I like it. Dammy REALLY likes it! 😉 Seriously, it’s a great banner. And I’ve always liked your layout.

  • Syll

    love the new look. The banner is especially cool! nice work!

  • Baila

    Nice! I really like the banner. All that Lust and all 😉

  • Yashima

    I like the new look. Especially the banner!

  • Coldness

    Looks Great !!
    Very nice job on the banner!

  • Anna

    I love the banner and the warm red background!