Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Gnarled_leafyThe end game really is all about incremental gear improvements, isn’t it? For us small, tight guilds who are never going to get much beyond the 10 mans, our pool of potential gear is even smaller, with a huge focus on Kara drops and Badges of Justice loot. And so, it has been a good, good week for the Leafy one.

On Tuesday night we dropped Mr Illhoof for the first time, and in his fear at my woody awesomeness, he carelessly dropped the Cord of Nature’s Sustenance, which made me a happy, happy tree. And he threw in the Mender’s Heart-Ring for good measure. w00t!

And then, last night’s Heroic Setthek Halls run, to get my Boomkin chum Ashilandra her Epic Flappy Form got me the final few badges I needed for my Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons. And very lovely they are. I feel like a proper Druid now, with decent leather shoulders, instead of the Priest drag cloth ones I’ve been wearing.

What now? Well, I need to help my chum Toojags get some nethers so we can have a Hood of Primal Life each. And I really, really want the boots from the chess event, to replace the greens(!) I’m wearing now. But most of all, I’m saving my badges for the lovely 2.4 Badge of Justice rewards.

Luckily, The Part Time Druid has a good look at the 2.4 Druid Badge of Justice Gear, and that chest piece is looking mighty nice, if I can get the badges together. (It’s possible Nightbane might drop something nice in the meantime, but I’m not holding my breath…)

Time to start refilling my badge bank, I think.

  • I remember I got my belt the first time we downed Illhoof, too.

    And I HATE HATE HATE Nightbane. I really do. Out of the ten or so times we’ve killed him, I’ve tanked him once. The rest of the times I was healing him on Eledith.

    Now, there is only really one piece of loot I want from Kara for Eledith now, and that’s the healing staff from Nightbane.

    Guess when he dropped it? When I was tanking him as Yolana. Siiiiiiigh.

    We’ve been doing ZA too, you might want to look at that. The first two bosses are very much do-able in Karazhan gear, although we’ve not quite managed to do it in the timer time yet.

  • Barona

    You might want to rethink the Hood of Primal Life if you are consistently raiding Karazhan. It can be a pain to get the mats together, and though it is good… it is not great. I have it and cannot wait to get rid of it!

    The T4 hat off of Prince is a great upgrade, and it drops roughly a 1/3d of the time. Granted, you have to compete with tanks and priests for it, and if no one has it, it might take you a while to get it.

    So… if you think you have a decent shot at getting a hat drop from Prince soon, don’t bother with the Hood. If not, then it is a decent hat.

  • @Alyviel We’re only a nether away from the Hood of Primal Life, while we’ve only dropped Princey once. It’s only there to fill in until I get my T4 hat, though.

    @Barona We’ve had a couple of goes at Zul”Aman, and have dropped the Bear boss, but not the Eagle one. There’s no real resto Druid loot unless we can do it on the timed challenge, though.

  • Yeah, I have the same trouble with ZA in regards to loot. I really don’t like that place, I don’t know why. But once you’ve downed the bear boss a few times you’ll probably find you can do it in the timer, and then there’s a couple of yummy things.

    If you want any tips for the eagle let me know, we’ve about got him worked out now after some trouble.