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Fantabulous news from the Patch Test Realm, as reported by Resto4Life.Picture 3.png

It looks like the Lifebloom nerf has been switched from the tick part of the cast to the bloom part. That’s… astounding. It’s exactly what we’ve been asking for. It delivers a PvP nerf, while leaving a negligible effect on the PvE healing technique.

But there’s more.

The current build has a buff to Regrowth. For those who aren’t familiar with druid healing, Regrowth is the only spamable large heal available to us in Tree of Life form. Healing Touch is not castable without shifting out, and Swftmend (which turns a HoT into a large heal) is on a timer. Generally, Regrowth has been regarded as horribly mana inefficient, and the 20% reduction to its mana cost seen on the PTR would make a huge difference to its viability in Deep Resto PvE healing.

A word of caution: this is all provisional, as we’re still in the testing phase. But should Blizz go ahead with this, I’ll be providing a “Thank You for Listening” badge to replace the “Don’t Nerf Trees” one. Fingers (and branches (and roots)) crossed…

  • nice one! Hope they keep this one in. Whats the bets we don’t see 2.4 going live til May? 😉

  • This is GREAT! (Keeping fingers, daggers, arrows, etc. crossed for my leafy friends.)

    Since I only added the badge to my site yesterday, I’ll just take the credit for being the straw that broke Blizzard’s back. 😀

    (KIDDING!! All credit goes to the wonderful community of Druids and their grateful friends.)