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Maybe it was the happy news from the PTR. Maybe its the fact that it’s the weekend. Hey, maybe it just the fact that druids have rhythm in their bones. Whatever the reason, there’s been a sudden outbreak of musicality amongst my fellow druids.

The Big Bear Butt Blogger (or B4, as we like to know him) kicked off with “Wreath of Fire“, from Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire

Bell came next with the lyrics to “Feralicious“, a Canarion-enhanced version of “Fergalicious“.

And then Too Many Annas (none of whom are actually a druid), joined in with “I Won’t Survive“, based on that classic “I’ve just been dumped so I’ve hit the bars and the booze and now I’m belting it out at the top of my lungs” number “I Will Survive“.

Party on!