Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

3. Moonglade

Sure, it’s a bit dull. But how many other classes get their own zone
and their own, unique flight point? None. That’s how many. And it makes
moving around Azeroth that bit easier.

4. Roots
Best Crowd Control graphic in the game – especially against large targets.

5. Rebirth & Innervate
The two spells that can turn a potential wipe into a successful drop. Never head into a raid without a druid.

and coming up…

6. The Emerald Dream
Not in the game yet. But it will be. And it’s an area whose lore is deeply entwined with Druids. Good times ahead…

Druids Playing

Three Druid Noob
Rambling Bear
Lifebloom & You
Shifting Out
A Couple in Azeroth

Friends Playing

Gaming Noobie


The Game Dame

…and the whole lot on Blog Azeroth.

  • Nice post. I started a couple of baby druids (listed on my Toons tab) and you’re making me want to go back and level them. I’ve never leveled a druid past water form but I’m dying to. After shammy, this class is the most interesting to me.

  • Ashi

    WoW is the best MMOG game i have played so far. I see these days there are many gaming blogs but none of them have any relevant news except for few.Could you please suggest me few relevant gaming blog. Right now I read and find its topic quite relevant.

  • I had great fun with my warlock buddy in Nagrand the first day I had flight form.

    We were on our mounts riding back for a quest return and I /s “Follow me this way”
    before galloping straight off one of the nearby chasms… Wheeeee I fell for a bit and then switched to flight form, only to watch my poor gnome friend splat down below.

    You know what mom always says about “Well If your friend asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do that too?”. hehehe clearly this is a good friend of mine, and it was all /lols as I battle rezed his splattered corpse 🙂