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I have a confession: I don’t like respeccing.

I think I have only paid to repec a couple of times over the entire length of my WoW playtime. It just doesn’t sit comfortably with me. Guild mates happily respec their characters from second to second, to create the most viable minmaxed character they can, but I stay away from that "I’d like to unlearn my talents" dialogue option at all costs.


Well, I’m cheap, for one. I’ve been perpetually short of gold since I started killing spiders in the branches of Teldrassil and I’ve never been anywhere near wealthy since. I started the Burning Crusade in debt to a guildie for my Epic Mount, and I’m concentrating on getting my Epic Flight Form ASAP without taking a loan so I don’t start Wrath of the Lich King the same way. So, I just don’t have the cash to do it that often.

That’s not the only reason, though. It just doesn’t sit right with me. I play on an RP server for a reason, and the idea of a characters skill sets and abilities suddenly switching around because the raid needs a tank rather than a healer just doesn’t sit right with me. I know my skill set, and I know it well. I know what works for me in PvP, solo PvE and grouping. I think, for me, that I’m happier working with one less-than-perfect spec, than constantly switching specs around just to meet the needs of the moment, and then having to relearn (or adjust) my play style.

So, how about you? Are you a respec addict, or a mono-spec loyalist?

  • Bruce Baugh

    I’m exactly the same way. It takes me time to build up a set of habits for a character, and respeccing requires me to start that all over unless it’s a very minor adjustment. I don’t like doing it and go out of my way to avoid it when I can.

  • I’m not a huge fan of respeccing. I’ll do it if I have to – I /do/ respec if my guild desperately needs me as another tank, although healers are usually as much in demand as tanks. And I’ll occasionally tweak my spec in ways that don’t demand much of a playstyle change – adding a talent here, shifting around a balance between talents there. But generally, I don’t see me respeccing in a major way until the next expansion pack – and even then, it’d only be to drop about ten points out of Protection and shove them into Retribution for some extra DPS oomph while levelling.

    I, too, am cheap. 🙂

  • I am in-between. I do not respec often. I leveled my main as feral and played her like that for a year. Then last summer I switched to resto and loved it. When the guild was horribly low on tanks I went back to feral, after about half a year as healer.

    So I do full respecs, but rarely. I hate respeccing because all of a sudden my loot priorities have to change. I do not play a lot and do not have enough Honor/Arenapoints/Badges to accommodate multiple specs and I do not raid much either to compensate through drops from that. That’s why I dislike respeccing and sticking to one role.

    However I like playing all the roles and so it happens that I respec about 2-3 times a year.

  • I re-specc occasionally. I have a set of gear for Kitty form, for healing and for moonkin. That being said, I will off-heal in Moonkin spec rather than go restoration. I have done it in the past, but I’ve never hit the 50g re-specc fee, nor do I intend to!

  • Andromache

    I’ve dabbled in respecs though for the most part they’ve just been tweaks rather than wholesale changes, though I did switch from Frost/Arcane to Arcane with Burning Crusade and have dabbled with different balances of those schools. I guess its can be waved away in the case of us mages as using a different set of incantations and its more “variations on a theme” than the massive role shifts that a Druid or Paladin (etc) can manage by adjusting Talents and kit.

  • Shinano

    My respec cost is rarely ever less than 40g. I could only get into Kara as a tank, so i used to tank for my healing drops. The raid leader wanted priests for shackles and a pally for blessings, no-one was interested in Trees. After the weekly Kara clear, I’d respec back to Tree for 5 mans and battlegrounds. Come the next weekend, the whole process would repeat. On the bright side – I had no competition for the healing leather and I also built up pretty impressive tanking and feral dps sets.