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The Shattered Ravens are a pretty casual guild. We haven’t cleared Kara yet (Illhoof, the Prince and Netherspite have yet to feel the business end of our shoes…) but we’re having a poke around Zul’Aman anyway.

And y’know what? On our second visit there, and my first, we dropped Nalorakk on our first attempt, for a guild first. The victory pic is above. That’s Psia of Chain Trap front and centre, and Andromache of The Witching Hour just in front of me… (Andro walked away with Fury of the Ursine for her trouble.)

Sadly, we went on to wipe repeatedly on Akil’zon (DPS Check: FAIL), but it was still a pretty satisfying first trip for me.

Hello, yes, still alive and willing to share this great new feature for this blog!


If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, and you add a bookmark to this blog to your home screen, you’ll get a lovely Leafy icon, right there on your device.


Sorry for the silence for the last few days, but I’ve been working on other projects, and enjoying the unseasonable sun in old London town.

However, last night something happiness-making occurred. This was my gold balance at the end of last night’s Kara run:
And so, a swift visit to Shadowmoon Valley and then Moonglade later and, at long, long last, I’m on my Epic Flight Form Quest! Yes, that rather uppity Druid of the Talon at the Cenarion Refuge has deigned to take me on as an apprentice, and now has me running around doing this…


Brings a whole new meaning to getting high on mushrooms, doesn’t it?

My brand new druidy forum signature is this:


An that, frankly, is going to mystify anyone who hasn’t read this Troll-tastic forum post. As someone said in the comments: "
WALL OF CAPITAL TEXT CRITS YOU FOR 92873401794109218721391 HPS!

Oh, yes.

Oh! Oh! Oh! WoWInsider is reporting that Tigole, aka WoW lead designer Jeff Kaplan, has revealed in an interview that the next hero class will be the Archdruid. Cool! Leafy’s big brother can finally be rescued from the Emerald Dream and be a hero class character! What fun!

Except, y’know, Kaplan didn’t actually say any of this. This is all that the original interview gives us:

What’s more, with any luck, we’ll see more Hero classes some time after release, the hot Zitron tip being some kind of Archdruid quest directly connected to Malfurion Stormrage and the much-anticipated Emerald Dream.

Unless Tigole told them something off-the-record, it’s just speculation and scuttlebutt. But it’s no entirely without plausibility – the huge Emerald Dream storyline remains unresolved and, despite talking about it as a possible instance back in the early days of the game’s launch, the place itself has yet to appear.

However, the idea of expansion three being Nightmares of the Emerald Dream, with Malfurion at the heart of the storyline, and Archdruids to unlock? Oh, that should very nice. Very nice indeed.

On a newbie run tonight – two newcomers to Karazhan. One is a Mage, one a Resto Druid…

9:00pm Attumen Down with no issues. About to try Moroes with no Crowd Control to speak of…

9:20pm We wiped. We used Pally fears to CC one of the guests and be ran out, resetting the fight. Boo.

9:30pm We wiped again. Same reason. Sigh.

9:40pm Tanked and spanked. Down. Hurrah. Our baby druid got his idol.

10:07pm Maiden Time.

10:20pm Whoa. Easy drop, although both us druids died, thanks to slack Pallies. Hmmph.

10:30pm Clearing to Opera. Our baby druid keeps disconnecting, which is making things fun.

10:39pm Whoa. My turn to disconnect…

10:41pm Come back, Pally body pulls trash – wiiiiipe.

10:45pm And the baby druid has disconnected again.

11:01pm Oooh. Oz.

11:05pm Dead mage, Strawman on the lose. Wiiipe.

11:20pm Perfect execution second time. Good news for the hunter and the abby mage.

11:40pm Most people call it a night. Seven of us stay on and clear the cash trash. I make around 20g and ding Exalted with the Violet Eye! Hurrah!

Night, all!


3. Moonglade

Sure, it’s a bit dull. But how many other classes get their own zone
and their own, unique flight point? None. That’s how many. And it makes
moving around Azeroth that bit easier.

4. Roots
Best Crowd Control graphic in the game – especially against large targets.

5. Rebirth & Innervate
The two spells that can turn a potential wipe into a successful drop. Never head into a raid without a druid.

and coming up…

6. The Emerald Dream
Not in the game yet. But it will be. And it’s an area whose lore is deeply entwined with Druids. Good times ahead…

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I have a confession: I don’t like respeccing.

I think I have only paid to repec a couple of times over the entire length of my WoW playtime. It just doesn’t sit comfortably with me. Guild mates happily respec their characters from second to second, to create the most viable minmaxed character they can, but I stay away from that "I’d like to unlearn my talents" dialogue option at all costs.


Well, I’m cheap, for one. I’ve been perpetually short of gold since I started killing spiders in the branches of Teldrassil and I’ve never been anywhere near wealthy since. I started the Burning Crusade in debt to a guildie for my Epic Mount, and I’m concentrating on getting my Epic Flight Form ASAP without taking a loan so I don’t start Wrath of the Lich King the same way. So, I just don’t have the cash to do it that often.

That’s not the only reason, though. It just doesn’t sit right with me. I play on an RP server for a reason, and the idea of a characters skill sets and abilities suddenly switching around because the raid needs a tank rather than a healer just doesn’t sit right with me. I know my skill set, and I know it well. I know what works for me in PvP, solo PvE and grouping. I think, for me, that I’m happier working with one less-than-perfect spec, than constantly switching specs around just to meet the needs of the moment, and then having to relearn (or adjust) my play style.

So, how about you? Are you a respec addict, or a mono-spec loyalist?

Talking of Real Life, here’s some great advice on how to play it well:

  You want to be admired for what you did? Log off. Go outside. Start changing the lives of people around you. Feed the hungry. Cure the sick. Tend to the lonely, the outcasts, the misfits. Exchange a helping hand where it is needed. Unify the theory of relativity and the quantic space. Invent a cheap and clean source of energy. Become a recognized adventurer. Help end conflicts, whether it is in your neighborhood or abroad. Create artwork which questions and soothes the mind.

Read the whole thing on Altitis.