Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

On a newbie run tonight – two newcomers to Karazhan. One is a Mage, one a Resto Druid…

9:00pm Attumen Down with no issues. About to try Moroes with no Crowd Control to speak of…

9:20pm We wiped. We used Pally fears to CC one of the guests and be ran out, resetting the fight. Boo.

9:30pm We wiped again. Same reason. Sigh.

9:40pm Tanked and spanked. Down. Hurrah. Our baby druid got his idol.

10:07pm Maiden Time.

10:20pm Whoa. Easy drop, although both us druids died, thanks to slack Pallies. Hmmph.

10:30pm Clearing to Opera. Our baby druid keeps disconnecting, which is making things fun.

10:39pm Whoa. My turn to disconnect…

10:41pm Come back, Pally body pulls trash – wiiiiipe.

10:45pm And the baby druid has disconnected again.

11:01pm Oooh. Oz.

11:05pm Dead mage, Strawman on the lose. Wiiipe.

11:20pm Perfect execution second time. Good news for the hunter and the abby mage.

11:40pm Most people call it a night. Seven of us stay on and clear the cash trash. I make around 20g and ding Exalted with the Violet Eye! Hurrah!

Night, all!


  • 11:40? It’s only 10:00 here. I didn’t know there was land anywhere that was 2 hours ahead of the East Coast.

  • I’m in the UK – I’m guessing you came by a little after I finished last night.

  • Oh man, I was rooting for you 🙂

    My first Kara run came last friday, as part of an experienced guild run (we’ve got Mag and Gruul on farm and are learning SSC and TK).

    We cleared all 11 bosses in 4 hours! The 22 badges and 6 epics I received sure are nice 😀

    Do you think you’ll go in again during the week to finish?

  • We’re in Europe, so our instances usually reset in the early hours of Wednesday morning, so no, that was a one-shot Kara run.

    That said, most weeks we do two runs: a gearing up run, and a progression run. I’ve been gearing up for four or five months now, so should be leaving behind the early runs and moving onto the progression ones.