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Oh! Oh! Oh! WoWInsider is reporting that Tigole, aka WoW lead designer Jeff Kaplan, has revealed in an interview that the next hero class will be the Archdruid. Cool! Leafy’s big brother can finally be rescued from the Emerald Dream and be a hero class character! What fun!

Except, y’know, Kaplan didn’t actually say any of this. This is all that the original interview gives us:

What’s more, with any luck, we’ll see more Hero classes some time after release, the hot Zitron tip being some kind of Archdruid quest directly connected to Malfurion Stormrage and the much-anticipated Emerald Dream.

Unless Tigole told them something off-the-record, it’s just speculation and scuttlebutt. But it’s no entirely without plausibility – the huge Emerald Dream storyline remains unresolved and, despite talking about it as a possible instance back in the early days of the game’s launch, the place itself has yet to appear.

However, the idea of expansion three being Nightmares of the Emerald Dream, with Malfurion at the heart of the storyline, and Archdruids to unlock? Oh, that should very nice. Very nice indeed.

  • Thank-you for being rational about the source and the actual quote! Playing as a Druid, I feel very strongly about the Emerald Dream and our lore in general, so I am as excited as you about these developments!

    I had a theory about the Emerald Dream back at release, I wrote a short post about it on my blog 🙂