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Dontnerftrees_small Thanks for the following for standing up and joining the anti-Lifebloom nerf campaign:


Big Bear Butt Blogger
Bitter Roots
Button Mashing
Elune’s Guidance
Feather Duster
Food for Thought
The Forest Cat
Go Druid
Journeys in Azeroth
One Druid & His Menagerie
Part-Time Druid
The Rambling Bear
Spirit is your Friend
Treebound Cat
Yashima Plays


Andromache: the Witching Hour
Asara’s Mental Meanderings
Banana Shoulders
Chain Trap
Chandler’s Grove
Cult of the Dead Cow
Death Walkers
Honor’s Code
Katie MacAlister
The Lone Bowslinger
NE Hunter L4Mobs, PST
Shadow and Light

If you’ve posted the badge, and I’ve missed you, just let me know in the comments, and I’ll rectify the oversight ASAP!

  • Yay! I added mine to support the non-nerf plea.

  • I dont care about getting recognition for it, but I, too, have posted the badge, as you put it. Frankly, with the water change, and inability to use long cooldowns in arena, blizzard has already proven they can make separate mechanics for PvP and PvE. . . at the very least they could do that for all of these “PvP nerfs”.

  • I’ve been out of town for the past week so was a little slow to get on the bandwagon, but I’ve added a link back to the campaign (albeit with a simpler graphic so that it would fit into my sidebar). Great idea, Leafy. 🙂


    I <3 my lifebloom!

    There's just no reason to nerf it as they are. Changing how the final heal works would be more of a blow for PVP, the HoT portion is pretty much purely PVE.

  • Its a sad state of affairs that blizzard is unable to manage nerfs to PvP without affecting our PvE gameplay. PvP is all well and good, and sometimes even fun, but it is increasingly becoming the focus of the changes propogated by Blizzard. I am beginning to think that Arena only servers isnt a bad idea, where such changes should be made leaving the content only servers alone. Even so, I support that some folks are trying to make a point, if others can undo nerfs by whining, I’m sure the more vocal druid community can do it via more organized methods. Best of luck in your petition.

  • Katie

    I don’t have a druid blog, but I do love my tree, and I am opposed to the nerf. I’ve posted about it on my personal blog (

  • I’ve added the badge to my personal blog, as well!

  • Hey guys, this is my guild’s site from Brazil, and we also joined your march in consideration of our leafy friends, check it out (in portuguese!):

    Cult of the Dead Cow – Warsong US Guild:

  • Dont have a druid blog, but its on our guilds websites front page.

  • Up On my blog! Full support!

    Go Druid!
    A blog about a new druid and his trek to level 70 and beyond.

  • Just added it. It annoys me to no end when PVP nerfs mess up those of us that prefer PVE.

  • Sorry if this ends up being a double comment.. my browser glitched. Anyway, I have added the badge also. Some of my best guildies are trees, and they need their healz!!!


    Blizzard needs to learn to properly separate their pvp and pve nerfs, evident in the lifebloom and lifetap changes.

  • Add me to the list please didn’t realize I wasn’t on there 🙂 Thanks

  • @Lifebloomer

    I have a lot of people to add. Hoping to do it in one sitting tonight. 🙂

  • I posted the badge today. I’ve been on the receiving end of enough lifeblooms to appreciate them.

  • Zerioc

    Add Me 😀

    Zerioc – 70 Resto Druid – Stormscale

  • Not only was I late to the party, but then I didn’t even give the proper credit when I finally showed up! My apologies, and both situations are rectified here.