Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Friends, Trees, Cats, Bears, Boomkin and Bloggers, it’s time to take a stand.

It’s time to say "no" to the Lifebloom nerf. It’s time to let our position on this matter be known.

If you believe that the Lifebloom nerf is an unwarranted devastation of the Tree’s PvE healing power in the name of Arena balancing, stand up, stand proud, and wear this badge on your blog:


You can download it in small (for sidebars, or as a post logo) or large sizes. Spread the word. The whispering of the trees can be deafening, brothers and sisters!

  • I fully support this movement. Go go healy trees!

  • I’m not a tree, but I heal lots (what druid doesn’t?)

    You have a big pic on my blog.

  • I fully endorse this product or event.

  • I’ll be putting up the pic and link on my blog. Blizzard once again proving they are more in touch with the QQing 12 year olds than it’s larger player base.

  • Have thrown a link up on my blog.

    GL fighting the good fight 🙂

  • Added in my own blog.

    Really wish Blizzard would keep all aspects of a nerf in mind before announcing such a thing…

  • Taemojitsu

    Druids are just silly. You are upset about the nerf because it is a nerf to your most efficient heal. After the nerf it will continue to be your most efficient heal.

    Doesn’t that tell you something?

    Worry about your own enjoyment, not about the stupidity of balance in WoW. Chain heal will get its nerf, some day.. 😉 If you are going to play a game, you should play it for fun, not so you can compete on meaningless healing meters.

  • Lawl @taemojitsu

    It’s not about the heal meters. It’s about our healing being at a current SSC level with BT level gear.

  • Inwë

    I agree with this post!!!
    This is world of warcraft, not World of Arenacraft.

  • No to tree nerfs! Lifebloom power forever!

  • badb

    It’s a bad idea to make this change. I’m totally against the lifebloom nerf.

  • bump

  • As yet another disgruntled Druid I’ll be throwing this up on both my blog and JC page.

  • Added a small icon on my blog. I’m sort of new but after reading about the nerf it sounds like a bad move on Blizzard’s part. Feel free to check out my blog

  • Xtreme

    Come on, balance classes FTW, trees need a chop

  • @Xtreme:

    And why do trees need a chop exactly? People have made a case for a PvP nerf – but this is a PvP buff, and a PvE nerf.

  • I’ve added a blog entry and an icon on my blog. The change is unreasonable, especially since it does nothing to fix the problem it was originally conceived to fix.

  • Zerioc

    I’m currently using this as my guild forums’ avatar and msn picture as well 😀

    Zerioc – 70 Resto Druid – Stormscale

  • Blizzard please think about the mechanics here…your nerfing the PvE aspect and not the PvP aspect. Would I care I’m not blooming a 5k crit anymore I care I’m losing at the moment circa 180 HPS on a Tank target Hell Yeah!

    Fix the part that needs to be fixed, not make us even more redundant in mid/end game content as the dmg is so Pala/Shammie orientated already!

  • As a Holy Paladin and an Affliction Warlock, I support resto Druids in this, their time of need. Blizzard, please separate PVE and PVP nerfs.

  • You have my support. Even as a PvP warrior, I still think this is bullshit.

  • Though I am the only tree in our guild presently, my guild (Burning Dragoons – Nagrand (US)) have been very supportive and your logo now appears on our guild website header –
    Thanks for the good work and very interesting articles – from both your site and the many other druid sites mentioned here.
    As still a novice Kara resto it is great information.

  • oooooooooooooo love it love it! threw it on my blog. tyvm!

  • Renitaur

    I don’t like, me heals shouldn’t give anybody reason to take yet another resto shaman instead of me

  • Andre Aspli

    Most classes are subjected to a nerf from time to time. The trouble with nerfing lifebloom isn`t that its the one thing that makes the druid able to pull their weight in end game raiding. Nerf it and the discussion in the serious guilds on what healers to take arises again. They want progress for the guild and need to bring the best of tanks, dps and healers.

  • Hopes

    Chop that tree !

  • Shinsua

    Im a moonkin, but I was resto for a good while. I love life bloom I really do, but even Ive come with terms that this nerf needed to happen
    We still heal fine in pve, as the most of you have noticed, but to not just accept it as it is. . .deal with it, as most of us already have

  • Uh – this was three months ago, and the nerf was changed to nerf the bloom, not the “ticks”.

    So, um, sorry, but there’s nothing for us to “accept”.

  • /signed

    Mind you one lifebloom gets me back to full health…

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