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The Shattered Ravens are a pretty casual guild. We haven’t cleared Kara yet (Illhoof, the Prince and Netherspite have yet to feel the business end of our shoes…) but we’re having a poke around Zul’Aman anyway.

And y’know what? On our second visit there, and my first, we dropped Nalorakk on our first attempt, for a guild first. The victory pic is above. That’s Psia of Chain Trap front and centre, and Andromache of The Witching Hour just in front of me… (Andro walked away with Fury of the Ursine for her trouble.)

Sadly, we went on to wipe repeatedly on Akil’zon (DPS Check: FAIL), but it was still a pretty satisfying first trip for me.

  • Bear is not an easy fight to heal – Great job!

  • Thanks!

    It was particularly gratifying because it was a well-timed Rebirth that stopped us wiping and allowed us to get him down.