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Sorry for the silence for the last few days, but I’ve been working on other projects, and enjoying the unseasonable sun in old London town.

However, last night something happiness-making occurred. This was my gold balance at the end of last night’s Kara run:
And so, a swift visit to Shadowmoon Valley and then Moonglade later and, at long, long last, I’m on my Epic Flight Form Quest! Yes, that rather uppity Druid of the Talon at the Cenarion Refuge has deigned to take me on as an apprentice, and now has me running around doing this…


Brings a whole new meaning to getting high on mushrooms, doesn’t it?

  • Grats! I’m still about 1200 short, but I’m getting there!

  • Congratulations, Leafy! I wish I could do the Flight Form quest a second time. It was one of my favorite series. This went a long way to reducing “buyer’s remorse” after dropping the 5k gold necessary to start it!

  • Congratulations! From what I understand, there’s a lot of fun quests in the series. I really look forward to doing it myself, but seem to be constantly hovering around 2k gold.

    As an aside, I really like your site design. It’s so very leafy and druidic!

  • Is that a Braxxis Staff of Slumber?

  • Woooooooooo00oot!

  • gratz!! I got my 5000g about 3 months after I hit 70, but never got the rep up enough to do a heroic sethekk til patch 2.3! lol

    It’s a great feeling finally accomplishing it and opens up some more doors for dailies too 😀

  • Grats on the gold count… I am just working towards lvl 68 and any flight form!


    Can’t wait to start those quests for my druid!

  • Delthiene of Exodar

    Gratz Leaf. Enjoy reading all your stuff as a fellow Resto druid. I have started my epic quest too and at the part now to go to the statues. Tried the Statue of the Raven last night solo but just to many adds for me to handle and live. Got him down to 30% before I died.

    Need help I think now 🙁 and then Heroic Sett Halls.

    Instant epic flight form I so want you

    Good Luck