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Usually, I quite enjoy listening to the WoWInsider podcast. It’s not as good as, say, The Instance, but it makes my long commute pass pretty painlessly. But not the latest episode. This morning it had me yelling at my car stereo in irritation.

Oh, WoWInsider Show, let me enumerate the ways I loathe you:

  1. The continued plugs for Massively. Yeah, yeah, we got that you’re doing an "all MMORPGs" blog now. Please don’t waste a minute of my listening time going on and on about it.
  2. Glossing over the Warlock and Druid nerfs for 10 minutes of Mike QQing in non-specific ways about the state of Shaman. All I learnt from that 10 minutes was that (a) Mike plays a Shaman and (b) he thinks that Elemental Shaman need a buff. No reasons why. No details on what’s wrong, or what could be done to address it. Just pure, unadulterated whining. And meanwhile, two of the most fundamental nerfs to classes in months go undiscussed, apart from some throw away line from Amanda about liking seeing Warlocks cry.
  3. Insulting people who had e-mailed in. Don’t do that. You’re
    insulting your audience. Even if the e-mails were complete gribbly
    nonsense, insulting people who e-mail in is not going to encourage more
    people to do so, now, is it? And the people you insulted? You probably
    just lost them as readers and listeners. Good job.
  4. Amanda’s statement that "everybody has more than one 70 now". No,
    they don’t. I have one. Many of my guild have only one. Not everyone
    has the time to level multiple toons.
  5. The fact that nobody Adam and Turpster had to point out that the
    amount of time it would take to grind enough Badges of Justice to buy
    big chunks of T6 level badge gear would be prohibitive – and that
    no-one pointed out that you can’t buy complete sets of gear – was just
    embarrassing for them.

So, let’s see: they waste their listeners’ time plugging their other paying gigs. They don’t know about two major developments in the game. They waste time ranting about their personal peeves. They look donw on their audience. They don’t understand their audience. And they can’t think through the implications of recent news.

And Mike’s co-lead of WoWInsider? Guys, well done. That podcast was so bad that I’m considering stopping reading WoWInsider, because you’ve destroyed any respect I have for your professionalism or knowledge of the game.

Friends, Trees, Cats, Bears, Boomkin and Bloggers, it’s time to take a stand.

It’s time to say "no" to the Lifebloom nerf. It’s time to let our position on this matter be known.

If you believe that the Lifebloom nerf is an unwarranted devastation of the Tree’s PvE healing power in the name of Arena balancing, stand up, stand proud, and wear this badge on your blog:


You can download it in small (for sidebars, or as a post logo) or large sizes. Spread the word. The whispering of the trees can be deafening, brothers and sisters!


Oh noes! Patch 2.4 brings us a Lifebloom nerf!

Now, my guildies tell me that it’s just an 8% reduction in the healing co-efficient. But I have no idea what that means. So I’m just going to justify my QQing by linking to people who do! (probably)

Bell tells it like it is, over what seems to be a PvP-orientated nerf, while Lifebloomer does the maths to prove that this is a bad idea for us PvE druids.

Woe, woe, woe is me. Woe, woe, woe is the tree!

So, I rock up to work this morning, tear off the weekend’s pages on my WoW desk calendar, and discover this:


Dear goodness, there’s actually a wand called the Doomfinger?

Just as well it’s BoP, because otherwise people might want to give you the Doomfinger. And you know things are getting bad if you have to get you Doomfinger out…

I’ll stop sniggering now. I need coffee clearly…