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3. 5 Man Instances + Heroics + Super Hard Instance (cf. Sunwell) + Super Hard Heroics.

Some guilds can only sort out 5 mans, some people aren’t in guilds;
there needs to be a route (and there is one) for people to get epic
gear from 5 manning. Badges are great here, too.

4. 10 Man & 5. 25 Man

Kara has been great for our guild – it is
proper raiding and I don’t have to mess around begging for slots in
raid association 40 mans if I want to stay in our guild and experience
the raiding challenge. I think that a large demographic in WOW has been
well served by Kara, but the mistake Blizzard made was making it a
stepping stone to 25 mans. It really should be the case that the big
raid guilds will want to stick with 25 mans and leave the 10 mans for

Therefore it should be that the early 25 mans give a gear up
opportunity (from green) with a few easy bosses. The final bosses in
the first 10 man should give gear that is as good as the gear from the
first bosses in the first 25 man, the second 10 man should give gear
that is as good as anything in the first 25 man and so on. There should
be more 10 mans than 25 mans because more people are going to do 10
mans, but the final two 25 mans should give gear that is better (for PVE)
than anything else in the game.

This is fair because 25 mans are harder to co-ordinate and
participate in than 10 mans, the people who work to do that and are
prepared to sacrifice (I checked out some raid guilds rosters a few
days ago… 200+ raids since TBC is not uncommon) for that should get
the reward.

The problem I have is that I can’t complete T4 and I never will. I
think that a 10 man mage needs somewhat different gear than a 25 man
mage. The encounters should allow tanks to protect clothies in 25 mans
– I know that they don’t, but they should, the 10 man experience should
be much more rough and ready and should demand more flexibility in
play. Kara has been bad for this – why Mages are running an instance
where they have no CC and are playing glass cannons makes no sense to
me! That role should be a specialism for 25 man mages, and should not
really be an option for a 10 man mage.

Last night’s Karazhan was a middling success. A combination of old timers, newbies and some old timers alting made for an often scrappy run, but we still cleared Attumen, Moroes (third attempt), The Maiden and The Opera (second attempt).

And I got some Lovely Leafy Lewt, as the video below illustrates…

Incidentally, I shamelessly ripped off the "what’s happening" captions from Elle of Banana Shoulders. Let me know what you think:

Death & the Maiden from Leafshine on Vimeo.

Oh, today has not been a WoW-filled day. Our Guild mailing list, affectionately known as GuildSpam or SpamMail went suspiciously quiet this morning, and a few e-mails around my guildies confirmed my worst fears – Dreamhost, the company I use for the guild hosting, has screwed up again. And this comes less than 2 days after they accidentally charged their users over a year’s worth of hosting.

I think the time has come to shift the Guild’s hosting elsewhere. I have my eye on a new host, and I’m probably going to be offering my guildies blog hosting on either WordPress or Movable Type.

That may well mean that I say goodbye to Typepad here, and switch to Movable Type, too, which will make signing in to comment easier for people, as well.

Looks like a job for the weekend…

Anyway, Karazhan tonight! Hurrah!

But the urge to prove yourself "better" than others, I struggle with. Perhaps I’m not competitive enough but, that aside, there are clear markers of being better or not. Someone in Tier 6 is clearly a better raider than me. Someone in full season 3 Arena gear is clearly better at PvP than me with my poor, honor point-bought gear. Coming up with other reasons to be "better" is just futile.

Ah, but anyway, the happy result of Andro’s story, which saw a compatriot of hers, along with my young compatriot Ularia  and a baby druid called Corse go adventuring together, was that three low-to-mid 20s cleared the Deadlines. And I (in my space pally guise) finally got to do one of the most fun things in an instance ever.

Here’s the video evidence:

Ularia Does Deadmines from Leafshine on Vimeo.

So, we’re well into the new year now, and a week away on family business, work and a lack of guildies around for Karazhan has meant that my WoWing has been rather thin on the ground. But no matter! I have a year of gear ahead of me, even in the office:


Yes, I picked up the Year of Gear desk calendar in a bookshop sale at the weekend, and I’ve been enjoying all the Phat Lewts that I never managed to get, like the Feralheart Rainment:


Maybe I should get back into instances and try to get my Moonglade set…

And so, the curtain raises on another year of Warcraft. What are my aims for 2008?


  1. Finish Karazhan. We’ve dropped the Curator and have oft visited Chess (but I’ve yet to get my boots, shoulders or T4 gloves from them) and the guild has dropped Aran (but I wasn’t there), so we’ve got a way to go. I’d like to keep running Kara until I finish my “Karazhan set” at the very least. And a couple of pieces of T4 would be nice.
  2. Scrape together 5,000 gold and get myself my Epic Flight Form. It seems cruel that we have to both raise a bucket-load of cash and do a long quest chain to get it, though.
  3. Finish the Outlands quest chains. I still have a bunch of group quests to finish in Netherstorm, Blade’s Edge Mountains and Shadowmoon Valley. I’d really like to complete the lot before Wrath of the Litch King hits.
  4. Go have a play in Zul’Aman. No ideal if we’ll finish it before WotLK hits, but I’d like a go…
  5. Be Involved in the Sunwell Plateau World Event. Building a town through quests? Sounds fun! I’ll be putting the other goals on hold for a while when patch 2.4 hits!
  6. Level Cooking, Enchanting and Fishing. My unfinished professions need some work. I need all of two points for Cooking, about seven for Enchanting, but around 30 for Fishing. Ah, well. I can catch my own Fish Sticks now.
  7. Start Running Some Heroics. I’ve yet to set foot inside one. Really.
  8. Keep up this blog. Well, it’s good fun. And I do have lots of WoWy thoughts in my head right now.

And that’s my 2008.

My fine guildmate Psia has already posted some resolutions, as has Phaelia. What are yours?

Goodbye 2007

And so, we say goodbye to 2007. In the time-honoured way that lazy journalists do (and, as Ratshag would put it, I have a lazy journalist as a RL avatar…) I’m going to do a post outlining the best and worst of the year in WoW. For me. Because I, Leafshine, purveyor of flowery heals to fine instancing groups, am full of opinion:

The Best


  1. Flight Form. Oh, isn’t flight form just the most wonderful thing going? Druids really have an edge over other classes on three levels here: you start flying at 68, it doesn’t take up a bag slot and, most of all, it’s instant cast. Oh. c’mon, are you telling me that you haven’t enjoyed flinging yourself off tall buildings and shifting to flight in mid-air? Or shifting straight from bear to flight (since patch 2.3)? Or, best of all, playing druid roulette! The timing involved in getting your shift in just before you hit the ground is a great, if expensive, micro-game…

  3. The Burning Crusade. On the day tBC was released, I stayed up late for the moment that the servers were rebooted and the new content became available. Five Shattered Ravens leapt through the Dark Portal together and into our first new experiences in the game in many months. I’ve really enjoyed the expansion. It’s brought new elements to the game, and has had just enough content to keep me really busy all through the year.

  5. Karazhan: While we used to go play in Upper Blackrock Spire from time to time in the original version of WoW. And it was fun. However, it never felt like much more than a 10-man version of a standard instance, while Karazhan is something quite different, much more raid-like in nature. And the atmosphere and design of the place is just great. It makes me really look forward to moving on to Zul’Aman, but we still have a number of Kara bosses to drop: Nightbane, Illhoof and the Prince have yet to fall before the Ravens. Still, for the first time in my WoWing life, I’m getting Epiced up and enjoying the experience. Well, most of the time…

  7. Rep Grinds. Pre-BC, rep grinding would bring on what my guild leader described as the Thousand-Bear Stare. You ended up mindlessly slaughtering the same mobs again and again, in the hope of getting one of a handful of slightly useful crafting recipes. Fun. In tBC, I’m within striking distance of being well into Revered with all factions just through questing and instance-running – which is as it should be.

  9. Mac Movie Recording: An unexpected bonus for us Mac-users, Patch 2.2 brought in-built movie recording functionality. Sure, it was making up for the lack of a Fraps-alike on the platform, but it’s a great little tool in its own right. Triggered from within the WoW interface, catching both video and sound, and with the option to remove the interface? Lovely. I’ve done some basic stuff with it in 2007. Expect more in 2008…

After the jump, the bad:

The Worst


  1. Levelling as a Resto. Oh, doing 60 to 70 as a Resto hurt. There was a period around 62 to 63 where I was really, really struggling. The improvements to gear in a recent patch have eased this enough that I’m less worried about the run from 70 to 80, but by Cenarius, it was hard this time around. However, I’m proud to say that I stuck with it. While Holy Priest were going Shadow and Prot warriors were reaching for the respec button, I stayed true to the Resto Way. Because I’m hard. As hard as bark.

  3. Epic Flight Form. What can I say? 5000 gold before you start the quest chain. Guildies with more time on their hands tell me it’s a great quest chain. I’ll get to see if I agree with them when I raise another 2000 gold…

  5. Karazhan: The single biggest source of guild conflict this year. The rush for lewts and progression has put members of the guild at odds more than once. Perhaps we should have attuned quicker, or perhaps the conflict is an inevitable part of being a guild that recruits on being real life friends rather than on play style. Either way, Kara has been both a blessing and a curse to me this year.

  7. Arenas: The seasons have turned PvP into even more of a gear-based game than it was before. Let’s face it: if you’re a Honor Point gear-equipped player going up against someone in Season 2 Arena gear, you’re toast. The best keep getting better, and it’s getting harder and harder for casual PvPers to get into the game at all.

  9. WoW Comics Dying: Flintlocke finished with a slow, lingering death, and the Hammer of Grammar and The Scout Report both petered out quickly. When are we going to see a decent, grab-based WoW comic again?