Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

And so, the curtain raises on another year of Warcraft. What are my aims for 2008?


  1. Finish Karazhan. We’ve dropped the Curator and have oft visited Chess (but I’ve yet to get my boots, shoulders or T4 gloves from them) and the guild has dropped Aran (but I wasn’t there), so we’ve got a way to go. I’d like to keep running Kara until I finish my “Karazhan set” at the very least. And a couple of pieces of T4 would be nice.
  2. Scrape together 5,000 gold and get myself my Epic Flight Form. It seems cruel that we have to both raise a bucket-load of cash and do a long quest chain to get it, though.
  3. Finish the Outlands quest chains. I still have a bunch of group quests to finish in Netherstorm, Blade’s Edge Mountains and Shadowmoon Valley. I’d really like to complete the lot before Wrath of the Litch King hits.
  4. Go have a play in Zul’Aman. No ideal if we’ll finish it before WotLK hits, but I’d like a go…
  5. Be Involved in the Sunwell Plateau World Event. Building a town through quests? Sounds fun! I’ll be putting the other goals on hold for a while when patch 2.4 hits!
  6. Level Cooking, Enchanting and Fishing. My unfinished professions need some work. I need all of two points for Cooking, about seven for Enchanting, but around 30 for Fishing. Ah, well. I can catch my own Fish Sticks now.
  7. Start Running Some Heroics. I’ve yet to set foot inside one. Really.
  8. Keep up this blog. Well, it’s good fun. And I do have lots of WoWy thoughts in my head right now.

And that’s my 2008.

My fine guildmate Psia has already posted some resolutions, as has Phaelia. What are yours?