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Hotstree Header It’s nice to spot a new blog right at the start of its life, and a quick peek into my referrer logs lead me to the new-born Resto Blog, HoTsTree. Aertimus only started WoW blogging on Friday, with a quick introduction post.

However, in the wee, small hours of this morning, she posted something really interesting about doing post-Curator Karazhan with only two healers. We had a somewhat disastrous attempt to do the same thing earlier in the week, and her post give me some hope that, with the right gear and tactics, we may be able to manage it in the future, despite being perennially short of healers in the guild.

Oh, and she has the best tag line of any druid blog ever: “Don’t you wish your girlfriend had HoTs like me?”

  • Aertimus

    Thanks for mention me, for the comment, and for linking. I hope you enjoy reading! And you may find the transition to two healers in upper Kara easier then you think since that one extra DPS (provided they are appropriately geared) makes a big difference.