Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Last night’s Karazhan was a middling success. A combination of old timers, newbies and some old timers alting made for an often scrappy run, but we still cleared Attumen, Moroes (third attempt), The Maiden and The Opera (second attempt).

And I got some Lovely Leafy Lewt, as the video below illustrates…

Incidentally, I shamelessly ripped off the "what’s happening" captions from Elle of Banana Shoulders. Let me know what you think:

Death & the Maiden from Leafshine on Vimeo.

  • Congrats on the lewt! That’s a damn fine healing mace; I didn’t replace mine til I got the Season 2 arena healing mace – and even now, I still miss the Shard’s mana regen.

    Nice use of captions, too 🙂 I tend to do my vids as instructional vids for my guild – and other guilds in the same position – so the captions generally focus on identifying what the boss is doing and how the raid should react. That’s mostly because I find most kill vids for content I haven’t seen fairly unenlightening, though, because they give no context or explanation of what’s happening.

  • Gratz on getting the Shard. My guild has been running Kara since last July, and I’ve been in there since October, and we still haven’t see any of the healing weapons drop yet.

  • Dang, that Maiden’s a tall drink of water. Wonder what’s she’s doing Saturday night?