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This morning, I woke up to the delightful sight of half a dozen new comments on this blog. Hurrah!

Except…only one of them was genuine. The rest were from gold sellers. As the Big Bear Butt Blogger and Kestrel have already posted, gold sellers are the bane of the WoW blogging community.

I’ve marked them as spam, and already Typepad’s in-built spam protection has blocked a further attempt, so it should be under control shortly. But in any blogging the fight against spammers is something of a technological arms race, unless you’re prepared to go to a login-only style of commenting – and I’m not prepared to countenance that until Typepad offers a wider range of login options for comments.

Gold spammers are, just like spammers, everywhere, parasites. They distort and abuse web-based services for one-way gain. If you’re even considering buying gold, remember you’re buying from people who have so little respect for the blogs and forums that you like to read that they’ll just blanket spam them with unpaid adverts, with no thought as to the conversations underway on them.

So don’t buy gold.

Otherwise, I’ll have to come over and give you a nasty splinter. So there.