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The Shattered Ravens dropped Nightbane for the very first time last night.

And the Stonebough Jerkin dropped.

And I wasn’t there.


Yes, because my beloved needed the study all evening, I dropped out on the Kara raid and missed out on that nice Resto Druid top. In fact, my luck in latter Kara has been terrible so far, with nary a single drop from the Curator or Chess so far while I’m there, yet druidy goodness dropping from Nightbane and Aran when I’m not.

Bah. Humbug.

Hotstree Header It’s nice to spot a new blog right at the start of its life, and a quick peek into my referrer logs lead me to the new-born Resto Blog, HoTsTree. Aertimus only started WoW blogging on Friday, with a quick introduction post.

However, in the wee, small hours of this morning, she posted something really interesting about doing post-Curator Karazhan with only two healers. We had a somewhat disastrous attempt to do the same thing earlier in the week, and her post give me some hope that, with the right gear and tactics, we may be able to manage it in the future, despite being perennially short of healers in the guild.

Oh, and she has the best tag line of any druid blog ever: “Don’t you wish your girlfriend had HoTs like me?”


This morning, I woke up to the delightful sight of half a dozen new comments on this blog. Hurrah!

Except…only one of them was genuine. The rest were from gold sellers. As the Big Bear Butt Blogger and Kestrel have already posted, gold sellers are the bane of the WoW blogging community.

I’ve marked them as spam, and already Typepad’s in-built spam protection has blocked a further attempt, so it should be under control shortly. But in any blogging the fight against spammers is something of a technological arms race, unless you’re prepared to go to a login-only style of commenting – and I’m not prepared to countenance that until Typepad offers a wider range of login options for comments.

Gold spammers are, just like spammers, everywhere, parasites. They distort and abuse web-based services for one-way gain. If you’re even considering buying gold, remember you’re buying from people who have so little respect for the blogs and forums that you like to read that they’ll just blanket spam them with unpaid adverts, with no thought as to the conversations underway on them.

So don’t buy gold.

Otherwise, I’ll have to come over and give you a nasty splinter. So there.


I’m distracted. Partially I’m distracted by Guild Drama (TM) after Tuesday night’s Kara run. (Long story, not for airing in public.) But mostly I’m distracted by Blog Azeroth, which is a stunning wee idea from a couple of our favourite WoW bloggers, Phaelia and Valenna.

It’s a community for the growing number of WoW bloggers to meet, chat, share information and resources and just debate stuff. And it’s shaping up really well. If you have a WoW blog, or are thinking of starting one, it’s well worth signing up for. See you there!

So, last night we returned to Karazhan for a "progression" run. We downed the Curator for the n+1th time, took a quick wipetastic first look at Mr Illhoof, and then passed on to the evening’s target, Shade of Aran.

Who promptly spanked us like a 1950s schoolmaster dealing with a bunch of unruly kids. Ooops.

Anyway, it was my first visit to Aran, and my guildies tried to explain the fight to me in a very visual way before we went in, to (unsuccesfully) offset my deep n00bishness. Without the Vent explanation, it’s kinda fun:

Explaining Aran from Leafshine on Vimeo.

Bless ’em.