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Were you one of the many who didn’t get any of the new festive recipes in their in-boxes at the start of Winters Veil?

I was. sob

Well, my tears are now drying. Our guild leader has just pointed out that you can go get the recipes and patterns from the Smokeywood Pastures vendors in Ironforge (and presumably Ogrimmar). So head out, and get your festive gear on!

Happy new year to you all!

I’ve been using this quiet Christmas period to play with this blog’s layout a little.


Weeeeeeeeeell, there’s been such an explosion of good WoW blogs of late (Phaelia does a great job of keeping track of them), that I like to use a combination of my blog and Google Reader to keep track of those I like the best. So, now the columns to the right are split into two distinct uses. The left hand column is all about this blog, and stuff happening on it. And the right hand column is all about other blogs and stuff happening on them. Right at the top, there’s a regularly updated list of my favourite posts from other people’s blogs, which I’m generating out of Google Reader. (You can see the complete shared posts on a page, if you want).

Oh, and my blogroll has plenty of new additions!


Today, I finally dinged Revered with the Skyguard. This is part of my overall masterplan to never have a "normal" flying mount. I, like all 70 druids, have my flight form, so I’ve never needed to buy a gryphon. And I’m hpoing to keep it that way as I head towards Epic flappyness. I’m slowly storing up the cash to get myself the Epic flappy skill, and start my Epic flight form quest. I’ve just passed the half way point and am picking up speed with a combination of daily quests and some clever AH work around enchanting.

I hope to hit Exalted with the Skyguard just before I have enough cash for my Epic flight skill, so I can go straight to an Aether Ray mount while I’m on that loooong Epic Flight Form quest.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

While I was away…

Ready for the Fight

Our Guild Leader, Andromache (left), started blogging. Check out The Witching Hour for all your magey goodness… 

My hunter-ish friend Psia moved from Blogger to, and got herself a brand new URL. Check out the new, improved Chain Trap.

And lastly, another friend on another server, in another region, is showing off her Banana Shoulders. And, if you’ve been WoWing long enough, you’ll know that it’s got to be a Paladin blog…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Sorry about that. Family issues have precluded much blogging or WoW playing. As a sort of stop gap until I can get my MMORPG mojo back, here’s a quick movie:

Moroes: His Demise from Leafshine on Vimeo.

I tried a different perspective to try and show what all the guild were doing during the kill, but I don’t really think it works, alas. Ah well. I’ll know next time.