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My guildmate, the psychot lovely Psia has joined the WoW blogging community with a brand, spanking new (in a “couple of weeks old” kinda way) Chain Trap. Psia is a hunter, and the “slide trapping” start of the Opera video from a couple of days back.

So far Psia’s shared thoughts on Trinkets and Narrative Gaming.

It’s just like this blog! Except with actual, intelligent content!

FuturedruidResto4Life has published a great run down of the current Druid changes forthcoming in Patch 2.3.

The major changes from my point of view are the addition of Remove and Abolish Poison to Tree of Life and the boost to Tranquility.

I’m less worried by the absence of Remove Curse than Phaelia is – de-cursing is available to more classes than the poison removal is, and I’m called on to shift out of tree for poisons far more than curses. And the boost to the big “get out of wipe free” card of Tranquility is just fabulous news.

Very happy with these tweaks.