Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

Leaf_in_red_dressHello, and welcome to my new World of Warcraft blog. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get around to doing this, given that I’m a blogoholic and a long-term WoW player, but it’s here now, and we should all just be thankful for that, shouldn’t we. Quite.

Anyway, the focus of this blog is going to be things druidic, especially the lady to the right, by the name of Leafshine. Leafy, as her guildmates affectionately know her, was born on the first day of the European release of the game. She’s the spiritual child of Ermonsude, a Tauren Druid, whom I played during the beta. For the game’s launch, my mates decided to go Alliance, and young Leafy entered the game. She started off on the EU Argent Dawn server, but transferred to Steamwheedle Cartel along with the rest of her guild.

Until her mid-20s she was balance specced, until it became painfully obvious that we only had one or two healers in the guild. A respec later, and Leafy has been resto all the way.

Now she’s 70, working towards Heroics, starting to raid Karazhan and desperately trying to save up 5,000 gold to start her Epic Flight Form quest. Lots to do before we hit Northrend…

Hang on, there. Why are there entries before this one, if it’s a new blog?

Good question. I’ve had two, short-lived shots at this blog before. I’ve imported the entries, just for completeness’ sake. Hope that’s not a problem, dear reader.

  • Hi Leafshine! Noticed your blog linked through Resto4Life – nice to see someone from SWC with the initiative to set something up.
    I’m a fellow SWC druid anyhow (Andaer – Resonance) – so I’ll be subscribing and I hope to see some new posts crop up soon!

  • Hi Andaer! Thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoy what’s to come…

    I think I know Resonance – wasn’t it the guild that formed after many of the Dragonslayers decamped to LotR Online?

  • I started as a tauren druid then went over to Alliance to join a friend’s guild. Don’t you miss War Stomp sometimes? Nice blog, by the way.

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