Making the World of Warcraft more trivial, one post at a time…

We’ve barely got patch 2.2 onto our grubby little servers, and already Blizzard are dropping the Big Hints about patch 2.3.

And it’s happy happy dance dance do-the-twist-with-me time for Tree Druids, as this post about post-patch 2.3 druids on WoW Insider by Dan O’Halloran makes clear.

  • +spell damage on +healing items! We can do the pewpew in our healing gear! Woo!
  • Abolish Poison without dropping out of tree! Yeah!
  • Combat res down to 20 minutes. So we get to bring our aggro-gathering clothies up more often. And spend yet more on reagents. Yay…?
  • Intensity gets a mana-refreshing buff. Yay!

With a bit of luck we’ll see the patch before Christmas…