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So, our little jaunt to Karazhan lead to me acquiring this little lovely:


Hurrah me!

Except…well…I’m deep resto. And deep resto means Tree of Life. And Tree of Life means no Healing Touch.

This seems like a very strange choice of Idol for an early Epic drop in Karazhan. It’s clearly for healing druids, so why not provide something that benefits all healing druids, most of the time? Instead, this is going to end up as something I equip in very specific situations: encounters when putting out large dump heals quickly is the priority and HoTs are just not going to cut it – against certain heroic bosses, for example*.

It seems a shame that my first Epic Idol turns out to be an only-for-best performer.

*Not that I’ve yet set foot inside an Heroic But, y’know, it sounds about right.

  • I loved this idol when I was 27/34. But yeah, it leaves a bit to be desired as a Tree Druid. The majority of the time, I use the Idol of the Emerald Queen, a blue idol that provides 88 +Healing to Lifebloom ticks. If you don’t have one already (and think you might want one), it drops from Ambassador Hellmaw in non-Heroic Shadow Labyrinth. Grats on the Idol anyway! It’s nice to have a selection!

  • Gah, don’t even get me started. =P

    I have yet to be impressed with any of our idols since they started nerfing them in preparation for the trek to 70. It’s not that they’re actually terrible or anything, just that they’re entirely too narrowly focused. That myopic design model results in items that seem nice on the surface but whose actual scope of utility limits each of them to a single function. The net result is that there are times when your character still behaves as if you have nothing equipped in the slot.

    It makes a virtual requirement of a mod to swap them in and out conditionally so you won’t forget…then there’s the bag space required for them in addition to multiple gear sets (personally I carry 3 everywhere I go)…how about I stop whining?

  • Anon

    Ya, if you’re not going to use mods or macros to swap idols out, the blue lifebloom one is basically as good as it gets. I’ve got the Avian Heart and the regrowth one out of SSC (reduces regrowth cost by 33 mana…lets have a party). Seems like they expect me to be spamming regrowths where I’m at right now? My T5 2 piece set bonus extends regrowth by 6 seconds too. lol

  • Hi,
    Every one will have one idol to reach to their goal.I use the Idol of the Emerald Queen.