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So, our little jaunt to Karazhan lead to me acquiring this little lovely:


Hurrah me!

Except…well…I’m deep resto. And deep resto means Tree of Life. And Tree of Life means no Healing Touch.

This seems like a very strange choice of Idol for an early Epic drop in Karazhan. It’s clearly for healing druids, so why not provide something that benefits all healing druids, most of the time? Instead, this is going to end up as something I equip in very specific situations: encounters when putting out large dump heals quickly is the priority and HoTs are just not going to cut it – against certain heroic bosses, for example*.

It seems a shame that my first Epic Idol turns out to be an only-for-best performer.

*Not that I’ve yet set foot inside an Heroic But, y’know, it sounds about right.

We’ve barely got patch 2.2 onto our grubby little servers, and already Blizzard are dropping the Big Hints about patch 2.3.

And it’s happy happy dance dance do-the-twist-with-me time for Tree Druids, as this post about post-patch 2.3 druids on WoW Insider by Dan O’Halloran makes clear.

  • +spell damage on +healing items! We can do the pewpew in our healing gear! Woo!
  • Abolish Poison without dropping out of tree! Yeah!
  • Combat res down to 20 minutes. So we get to bring our aggro-gathering clothies up more often. And spend yet more on reagents. Yay…?
  • Intensity gets a mana-refreshing buff. Yay!

With a bit of luck we’ll see the patch before Christmas…

I’ve just added a new blog to the Ferocious Ferals blogroll on the right: Ferocious Bite.

Mind you, she had a wee dilemma with the name of the blog, as she mentioned in her first post:

Welcome to my new blog. I struggled with what to call it….Ferocious
Bite as our ability is called or Ferocious Nibble which is the term I
like to use. The first time I said Ferocious Nibble, my husband thought
I said Ferocious Nipple, so it’s a bit of a joke with us and certainly
conjures up some odd visual images. O.O

That an, uh, disturbing thought….

Well, for one thing, there was the shortage of healers in the guild I
mentioned yesterday – something that persists to this day. We only have
two main character healers – all the rest are alts. For another, there
seems still to be a philosophical resistance to hybrid classes acting
as, well, hybrids. In five mans in particular, you are healer, or you
are tank, or you DPS. People seems to have the holy trinity clearly
fixed in their minds and are resistant to people doing anything else.
Pallies get to off-tank as well as DPS or heal occasionally, but I’ve
rarely seen druids get the same flexibility. Once in a while I get to
off-tank, if we’ve got a Shadow Priest in the group who can switch from
DPS to healing as needed, but it’s a pretty rare event. And it’s a
shame. Surely the point of being a druid is to get to do a little bit
of everything?

At 60, I got a few chances to run instances. I DPSed and off-tanked
Stratholme with a Pick Up Group one afternoon, and I managed to tank
Scholomance in a guild group after I’d picked up my entire PvP Blue set
and a Warden Staff, and it was surprisingly successful.

Now we’re getting the Outland 5-mans down pat (the only one I haven’t
finished on normal mode just yet is the Shattered Halls), I’m beginning
to hanker for a little bit of that hybrid action again. And, having picked up the first bit of my Moonglade Rainment in the Black Morass a few weeks back, I’m thinking that it looks like a really nice hybrid set, one that will allow me to move away from the 3 sets of gear I carry around with me (healing, DPS/solo, PvP).

But am I dreaming? Am I doomed to spend all my time in instances throwing our woody healings, and cycling Lifeblooms? Are druids really hybrids at all, but three classes under one name?

Leaf_in_red_dressHello, and welcome to my new World of Warcraft blog. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to get around to doing this, given that I’m a blogoholic and a long-term WoW player, but it’s here now, and we should all just be thankful for that, shouldn’t we. Quite.

Anyway, the focus of this blog is going to be things druidic, especially the lady to the right, by the name of Leafshine. Leafy, as her guildmates affectionately know her, was born on the first day of the European release of the game. She’s the spiritual child of Ermonsude, a Tauren Druid, whom I played during the beta. For the game’s launch, my mates decided to go Alliance, and young Leafy entered the game. She started off on the EU Argent Dawn server, but transferred to Steamwheedle Cartel along with the rest of her guild.

Until her mid-20s she was balance specced, until it became painfully obvious that we only had one or two healers in the guild. A respec later, and Leafy has been resto all the way.

Now she’s 70, working towards Heroics, starting to raid Karazhan and desperately trying to save up 5,000 gold to start her Epic Flight Form quest. Lots to do before we hit Northrend…

Hang on, there. Why are there entries before this one, if it’s a new blog?

Good question. I’ve had two, short-lived shots at this blog before. I’ve imported the entries, just for completeness’ sake. Hope that’s not a problem, dear reader.